The money that we give to our City’s teachers and administrators for the programs that make our children’s school experience even better comes from you! We raise money through direct solicitation and through special events held a few times every year. These include our twice yearly No School Roller Skating event at Roller Kingdom in Hudson and our Holiday and Spring Thank-an-Educator program that allows parents and students to make a donation to MEF and honor a special teacher.

Our Business Sponsors:


Avidia Bank

Metrowest Daily News TSAI Design
Carvalho & Roth

mass electric

Mariott Courtyard

Karnak Realty

Roller Kingdom Acorn Self Storage Adcole Corporation
Roblin Insurance Main Street Journal Central Auto Rebuilders
First Colony Development Co. Cline & Migner, P.C.

Acadia Insurance

Arthur Vigeant, CPA Ken’s Foods New Horizons at Marlborough
Rep. James P. McGovern    

And Special thanks to:

FishEye Software, Inc., Maynard, MA
for the establishment of an endowed grant of $500 which will be awarded to programs which promote science and math technology within the schools. (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004)


Marc Brown and Bill Kenny of FishEye Software receive an appreciation plaque from MEF for their Technology Endowment grant.

St. Mary's Credit Union
for a grant of $500 (2008)

MSB Marlborough Savings Bank
for a grant of $250 (2008)

Karnak Realty Karnak Realty
for a grant of $250 (2008)

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Our Family Sponsors from the June, 2008
Thank-An-Educator Program:

Allen Family
Argueta Family
Babcock Family
Barnes Family
Beauchemin Family
Bennett Family
Braga Family
Brossi Family
Brown Family
Buckley Family
Canniff Family
Coffey Family
Davila Family
DeHart Family
DeMello Family
Downing Family
Dragone Family
Faber Family
Farkas Family
Fillion Family
Forte Family
Galarza Family
Gandolfo Family
Guerra Family
Harel Family
Hernandez Family
Hettinger Family
Hobin Family
Hooker Family
Kamaraguru Family
Lausten Family
Lawless Family
Madauley Family
Matsikis Family

McCabe Family
McCombs Family
McKinnon Family
Montes de Oca Family
Nannery Family
Narahara Family
Nolasco Family
O'Coin Family
Oldham Family
Oliveira Family
Paghdal Family
Patanao Family
Patino Family
Pattikonda Family
Paul Family
Popivchak Family
Povall Family
Proteau Family
Rae Family
Raymond Family
Riddle Family
Rogers Family
Roselli Family
Saintus Family
Salameh Family
Sperou Family
Steier Family
Syers Family
Turner Family
Wilcox Family
Wydom Family
Zeyger Family
Zucolotto Family

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