2010-11 Grants

How Much Money Has Been Awarded?
Over the last thirteen years MEF has awarded over $122,000 in grants. This year nearly $22,000 in grant requests was received. Download the 10/11 Grant Press Release.

This Year’s Grants:
Over $12,000 will be distributed to the following grant recipients:


  • Karen Briggs- $1,812 for “Magnet Mazes”
    Children are motivated to learn when presented with fun, innovative, hands-on materials. Magnetic Mazes provide such learning opportunities while simultaneously reinforcing curricular concepts including colors, shapes, letters and numbers in addition to developing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and problem solving skills.

  • Karen Briggs- $1,237 for “Multicultural Dolls and Puppets”
    We are a diverse community of learners with unique backgrounds and experiences. Dramatic play materials provide an opportunity to share and celebrate our similarities and differences. Puppets and dolls representing various cultures, ethnicities and abilities encourage children to develop a sense of belonging and an understanding and respect for others.


  • Recipient of the Carvalho/Roth Grant to promote literacy.
    Tina Adamson- $549.45 for “Have you filled a Bucket Today?”
    At Jaworek School, as in all schools across the country, bullying and sensitivity issues have come to the forefront. Teachers are always trying to come up with new ways to help children understand why it is so wrong to hurt other children, or anyone for that matter. A couple of years ago, Ms. Adamson came across a book called, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, by Carol McCloud. This book does a superb job of concretely explaining to elementary-age children how and why kind words are so important.  This is a book that she believes should be in every classroom across the country, but she is using this grant to start with the Jaworek School.


  • Melissa Tirpak/Patty McMunn- $1,767 for “Document Cameras”
    Document cameras will support teaching across the curriculum at the K-3 grade levels. This updated resource will enable teachers and students to integrate technology with everyday learning.  Whether the cameras are used to enhance learning, provide motivation, or as a necessary tool, these cameras empower students and teachers. This user-friendly device requires minimal training.


  • Eva Sibley- $1,414.17 for “Hands on Music Learning with Orff Instruments”
    The goal of this project is to expand the instrumentarium at the Richer School to ten instruments. These special Orff melody instruments include wooden xylophones and metal glockenspiels  that offer good sound immediately. They help children develop music literacy and become sensitive listeners through personal, hands-on musical experience.

  • Cathy Bisol- $587 for “Time Management for Elementary Children”
    This project would assist children who need a visual component to help them with time management while completing assignments independently.  The red on the clocks purchased with this grant disappears as time passes and the child learns that a faster pace must be used in order to finish work before time is up.


  • Molly Callahan, Phyllis Goldblatt, Joanne Mahoney, Melinda Greene, and Tina Petty- $2,350 for “Promoting Literacy While Discovering the Graphic Novel Project”
    The Jaworek, Richer, and Whitcomb  Schools requested funding to host award winning children’s authors, Jarret J. Krosoczka and Gareth Hinds for one-day presentations that will introduce graphic novels while bringing literature to life. A permanent collection of the authors’ books as well as student work will be added to the school library.  The MEF board liked the concept and scope of this project, however, the funding of one-time  presentations does not meet our grant criteria. MEF vice president, Valerie Cowan, contacted the PTOs in each school as well as the PTO of Kane School to suggest jointly funding this project. All four PTOs have responded positively to the idea and we are moving forward with plans for the visitng authors’ to be funded by each school’s PTO with the purchase of books for each school library to be funded by MEF. It is a testament to the Marlborough Public Schools community that organizations within the city are willing to collaborate to bring a program like this to so many students.


  • Recipient of the FishEye Software Grant to promote technology.
    Justin Cameron- $1,350 for “5th Grade ReNEWable Energy”
    Working in conjunction with AlteUniversity, a group who offers online and face to face instruction and materials to homeowners and schools in Massachusetts on exploring and installing renewable energy technology and Evergreen Solar on Bartlett Street in Marlborough, this grant will fund a solar air heating unit for the 5th Grade Team D. The grant will also fund instructional materials, which will correlate with the MA science and math standards.


  • Bill Rigney- $934 for “Document Cameras”
    The document camera will provide science teachers the opportunity to further enhance their teaching and afford their students the opportunity to observe specific components of a science lesson without the need of huddling around a lab bench. The document camera can be magnified to confirm the tiny features on an insect or illustrate a subtle chemical reaction.

The Foundation extends its thanks to the other applicants for grants. The Foundation also wishes to thank the administration of the Marlborough Public Schools for their continuing support.

For further information, please contact:

Chris Forte 508-330-8286 or cforte14@gmail.com

Valerie Cowan 508-481-0008 or vlcowan@comcast.net

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