2008-09 Grants

How Much Money Has Been Awarded?
Over the last eleven years MEF has awarded over $100,000 in grants. This year nearly $13,000 in grant requests were received. Download the 08/09 Grant Press Release.

This Year’s Grants:
Over $6,800 will be distributed to the following 8 grant recipients:


  • Molly Callahan/FrankTravassos-$461.20 Social/Emotional Lessons “Golden Rule”. A copy of the picture book The Golden Rule will be bought for each classroom at Jaworek Elementary School.  The book and its theme will be introduced to all students and staff at the monthly school community meeting.  The book teaches lessons on social responsibility, diversity, and empathy through its rich language and vibrant illustrations.  The Golden Rule not only teaches students about personal accountability; it also gives students examples on how to incorporate these values in their everyday life.  The book is a medium for future school wide and classroom discussions.


  • Kathleen Wilson- $250 for E.A.T Program (Effort, Attitude and Teamwork)
    This grant will entitle students to create a reading “recipe’ seasoned for each individual taste.  The Effort, Attitude, Teamwork (E.A.T) Program is designed to bring out confidence, self-gratification and motivation while learning to read.  With a team-like approach, in comfortable surroundings, with interesting materials and rewards, each student becomes an achiever.

  • Laura Kirshenbaum- $525 for Go Green Week Project
    Students must realize that they can be the solution to a healthier planet.  Therefore, students at the Marlborough Middle School will take steps to “Go Green”.  As part of the “National Green Week” program developed by IXGs Green Education Foundation, MMS Students will focus on reducing waste throughout the school day.

  • Recipient of the Fish Eye Software grant to promote technology in schools.
    Robin Berkey, Jeanne Gutkowski, and Nicole Majowicz-Approximately $2,500 for Projecting for 21st Century Learning
    The projector with built-in document camera will allow the teams to prepare and project interactive lessons in a more motivating manner in all areas of the grade level curriculum.

  • Shelly Turnbow- $1,000 for Striking a Chord with 7th Graders!
    How do you engage 350 7th graders in an extremely worthwhile, mind stretching and gratifying activity year after year?  Promise to teach them to play the piano with two hands in two weeks!
    This grant will will be used to provide my 7th graders the proper tools (16 new keyboards) with which to achieve this goal.

  • Gail Beamer $ 937 for Instructional Technology for Music
    Music Ace 1 is a software program that helps build a solid foundation of music learning, while challenging, rewarding and motivating students.  It is not designed just for instrumental students but for all children regardless of their musical ability.  It will help teach the fundamentals of music including pitch, rhythm, keyboards and note reading.

  • Joanne Mahoney/Jeanne Gutowski/Cathy Rosenstock- $700 for Trade books for Massachusetts Children’s Book Award Program- Grades 4-6
    Grant funding would allow students in the Grades 4-6 participate in the Massachusetts’s Children’s Book Award Program (MCBA) by making available five paperback copies of each of the 25 titles on the Master List for 2008-2009.  The purchase of these multiple copies will make it possible to involve 900 or more students in this reading incentive program. (www.salemstate.edu/education/mcba/).


  • Mark Vital- $484.80 Utilizing Web-Conferencing in the 21st Century Classroom
    Traditionally, valuable class time was used for student-teacher conferencing.  The purposes of the conferences were many, including going over confusing concepts or assisting students with college essays.  With the purchase of 20 webcams with built in microphones, the students will be able to conference with their teachers at any agreed upon time.  The benefits of the web-conferencing include both quality of contact and accessibility.

The Foundation extends its thanks to the other applicants for grants. The Foundation also wishes to thank the administration of the Marlborough Public Schools for their continuing support.

For further information, please contact: Chris Forte 508-330-8286 or Valerie Cowan 508-481-0008.

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