2006-07 Grants

How Much Money Has Been Awarded?
Over the last nine years MEF has awarded close to $90,000 in grants. This year over $21,000 in grant requests were received. We believe that this year's recipients presented a broad range of ideas and are pleased that each of our public schools is represented in these grants. Download the 06/07 Grant Press Release.

This Year’s Grants:
Over $9,000 will be distributed to the following twelve grant recipients:


  • Julie Melvin- $470 for the purchase of a "Touch Monitor". Children with autism often experience difficulty manipulating a mouse or keyboard; a touch monitor is a computer monitor that can be manipulated by touch; the monitor will allow children who have motor, visual or attentional difficulties the opportunity to access software that is already available in the classroom and learn language concepts necessary to build their skills.

  • Recipient of the FishEye grant to promote technology in the school: Sue Rosenthal- $984 for an Adaptive Computer Keyboard and Software. This adaptive keyboard, which can be customized to fit each student’s needs, along with preschool software, will give children with visual, physical or cognitive delays the opportunity to work independently and successfully on the computers in the classroom.


  • Recipient of the Zammitti/Carvalho grant to promote literacy: Suzanne Garcia- $869 for "Take-Home Literacy Kits". These reading packs are designed to be taken home by second grade students. The packets include a book, worksheets and journal writing directions. Packets include a wide-range of books that will challenge all reading levels.


  • Rebecca Zieminski- $1877 for "Literacy Lab Double Grant". The funds for this grant will be used by the Literacy Coach and an ELL teacher at the school to purchase the "Read Naturally" fluency program. The program is considered one of the best reading fluency programs in the country and is already being used successfully at one of the Marlborough Elementary schools. The program allows children to work individually and at their own pace as they progress through taped stories and worksheets.


  • Dr. Sara Lane- $250 for "MCAS Internet Quest". This program will utilize the vast resources of the World Wide Web to support learning in all content areas. Funds for this grant will be used to purchase an on-line subscription to QuizStar. The website will contain weekly quizzes, based on MA curriculum frameworks and in MCAS format; all questions have an attached media file that provides additional resources. Students take the quiz and results are posted to MMS. Monthly awards will be issued to students with the most correct responses. All 6th and 7th grade students will be registered and able to take the weekly quizzes beginning in late November.

  • Jeff Gay- $2508 for a "Compact Bender". This piece of equipment will be used by all 6th grade students in their engineering class. It will allow students to bend tubular and flat steel into the shapes they design.


  • Bill Rigney- $1475 for equipment to enhance student’s science projects. Many students are completing projects dealing with bacteria or microorganisms. The school currently lacks proper sterilization equipment for these projects and this grant will be used to fill this void.

  • Mark Vital- $316 for the purchase of a DVD camcorder. This camcorder will be used to take pictures and video of extra curricular events that will be used for student designed websites

The Foundation extends its thanks to the other applicants for grants. The Foundation also wishes to thank the administration of the Marlborough Public Schools for their continuing support.

For further information, please contact: Penny Kahn 508-624-4570 or pakahn@comcast.net Or Valerie Cowan 508-481-0008 or vlcowan@comcast.net

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