2003-04 Grants


  • $945.55 to Susan Rosenthal, Adaptive Preschool for the purchase of adaptive equipment that will help children at the Center develop fine motor skills.


  • $600.00 to Second Grade Teachers: Audrey McNickol, Julia Carlman, Nancy O'Malley, Jen Collins, Kay Camacho, Karen Capizzi and Verrill Edwardson for "Broadening our Literary Experiences", a program that will allow teachers to purchase supplemental literature to be used in classrooms by the students during language arts. Teachers of second graders often teach reading and literature with the use of "Big Books"- very large books with equally large pictures. This grant will allow teachers to purchase "regular" sized books that children can use to follow along as the teacher is reading or in small-group instruction.

  • $140.00 to Second Grade Teachers: Jen Collins, Audrey McNickol, Julia Carlman, Nancy O'Malley, Kay Camacho, Karen Capizzi and Verrill Edwardson for the purchase of seeds and gardening supplies for the planting of a "Second Grade Garden" that will supplement the grade’s "Soils and Plant Growth" science unit.

  • $572.83 to Lee Ann Murphy, Jaworek ELL Resource Specialist for "Comprehension Connection." This grant will fund the purchase of manipulatives and books that will help English language learners in identifying words through visual association.


  • $500.00 to Kane Third Grade Teachers: Amy Gogan, Mary Fantoni, Eileen Barry, Shannon Stemple, Kristi Haupt, and Lona Benway for the "Literacy Enhancement Project" a program that will give advanced students the chance to improve their reading and vocabulary skills with the new fiction and non-fiction books purchased with grant monies.

  • $600.00 to Kane First Grade Teachers for the purchase of books for a "Nonfiction Social Studies Resource Library" that will be used to enhance and supplement the Social Studies curriculum.


  • $564.25 to Beth Terada, Richer ELL Resource Specialist for the purchase of picture books to assist young English language learners for whom "a picture is truly worth 1000 words."


  • $350.00 to Gail Beamer, teacher grades 4 & 5, for "Computer Music." This grant will be used to purchase of 30 headphones that can be plugged into computers so that students can use music programs to learn to identify different instrument sounds and to learn to read and write music.

  • $1339.80 to Susan Bent, grade 5 teacher, for the purchase of "QuickReads", a program designed to increase student’s reading fluency, particularly when reading text books, ultimately allowing students to interpret and apply what they’ve read.

  • $342.86 to Christie Hutcher, grade 4 teacher, for "Math Literature", a program designed to show students how math works in every day life. The grant will be used to purchase math-based literature books to be used in conjunction with math text books.


  • $257.00 to William White, grade 7 teacher, for the purchase of a video guidance camera to be used in conjunction with the school’s robot making equipment. The camera will allow students to follow their robot’s progress and ascertain if their project has worked properly.


  • $1674.00 to Roberta Collins, 8-12 grade teacher, for the purchase of a Husqvarna Viking Sewing & Embroidery machine. This machine will allow students to further develop their skills in clothing class.

  • $1788.90 to Matt McGee, high school technology teacher for equipment to be used in a "Robotic" Engineering" class. Students will be able to design, build and program a robotic arm; the program will introduce students to the engineering design process, basic electronics, computer programming and hydraulic and pneumatic technology.

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